TIWW – Triple insulated winding wire

New in our offer are triple-insulated winding wires class "B" and "F", which passed both the UL approval and the VDE test. With this wire, you can wind transformers without insulating liner.



1.       Temperature resistance TIWW up to 130 ° C class "B" and TIWW up to 155 ° C class "F"

2.       Very high voltage resistance 6000 Vrms, 1min

3.       Good solderability, no mechanical stripping necessary!

4.       Complies with high winding speeds, automatic

5.       Dimensions: 0.20 mm to 1.0 mm diameter according to the table,
          Intermediate sizes are also possible for appropriate quantities.

6.       Approvals of UL and VDE

Applications in transformers:

A comparison between a conventionally manufactured transformer and that wound with TIWW shows the difference. The example shows a transformer in the power range of 20 watts. The transformer, shown in the graphic on the left, is wound with standard varnished wire. Interlayer and side insulations are required. When TIWW wires are used, they are dispensed with, and the winding assembly becomes considerably more compact. This leads to volume reductions, e.g. to the half. This in turn leads to corresponding cost savings in material and production time.

Schematic winding setup:


    Conventional   Applied TIWW-B
Output   20 W   20W
Volumen   36 cm³   19 cm³
  100 %   53 %
Gewicht   70 g   45 g
  100 %   64 %


Applications of TIWW-B:

Charger   Adaptor   Power supply   HF-transformers

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